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Radical Renewal: Transformation Simplified

4-month Program

My signature program is all about finding what works best for you.  We take a deep dive together from start to finish on healing your body, your brain, and your behavioral triggers around food, movement, and self-care.  


Group Programs and Challenges

Becoming a group member of an RR Group Intensive or  Challenge is a short commitment to a lifetime of change.

If you are a woman of a certain amazing age who wants to take a zip-line approach to midlife health that will help you drop-kick cravings to the curb, improve your gut health, get your brain re-ignited and start feeling awesome in your body and brain again read on!

 Corporate Wellness Workshops

New for Fall 2023:

Self-Care, Immune Health And Full Body Wellness In Unpredictable Times:

Learn simple steps to improve your immune system through food, sleep, and self-care practices.


Sleep your Way to the Top: How to dial in your sleep for better health, better performance, better everything!


Upcoming workshops:


The Blue Zone Practices of Social Health: Improve our own social and emotional wellness, along with increasing our chances for longevity.


Breathwork: Get Out of Fight or Flight, and into Rest and Digest instantly.


Burnout and Resiliency: What is burnout? Can you recognize it in yourself, your co-workers or your loved ones? I’ll share some simple techniques for improved resilience to stress, and improved full-body health and wellness.


Available as individual programs or as a series for your amazing team.