Corporate Wellness Workshops

Lunch and Learn Workshops for Busy People

Get your team into top-notch health for more productivity and happiness whether working from home, back in a brick and mortar, or a hybrid work system.

In the past year, many workers have complained about everything from weight gain and isolation to mental health issues.

Whether your team members are starting to juggle home and office demands, their overall physical, mental, and emotional wellness can be improved with simple techniques in nutrition, movement, and meditation which will result in greater productivity.

Support their well-being by offering my one-hour workshops.

All workshops will include workbooks and PDF handouts for participants and lifetime access to Zoom recordings. 

Workshops are available as a single program or can be booked as a series.

Book a discovery call to see what workshops would be the best fit for your organization.

New for Fall 2021!

Self Care, Immune Health and Full Body Wellness in Unpredictable Times

  • Immune-supportive and anti-inflammatory food recommendations
  • Nutrition tips and meal suggestions for reducing hormonal imbalance to improve blood sugar and mood
  • Supplement recommendations for immune health
  • Daily movement options (without hitting a daily spin class) to help support full-body health at home or office.
  • The true importance of sleep for mental and physical well being
  • Meditation tips for productivity
  • How to prioritize play in your life and why this matters
  • Q+A

The workshop includes a PDF of recipes and tips, and lifetime access to the webinar.

The workshop will be held via Zoom.

    Upcoming workshops include:

    • 10 ways to Kick the Sugar Habit
    • Meal Planning, Save Time and Money
    • Get Better Sleep, Finally!
    • Breathwork Intensive – Get Out of “Fight or Flight” and into “Rest and Digest” Instantly.
    • Your Two Brains – Support the Stuff Between Your Ears AND the Stuff Behind your Belly Button for Excellent Physical, Mental and Emotional Health.
    • Mental Health and the Workplace