Self Care

I am a devoted fan of the Ooler system from Chili Technology.

Night after night of great night’s sleep without throwing off my blankets, peeling off pajamas, turning on the air conditioning or opening a window. My bed is set to a temperature that works for me, and my boyfriend’s side of the bed is set for him. (He sleeps cold, I sleep hot. We each have our own app to set the temperature for our side of the bed. Genius!)  

Check it out here. Use OOLER15 for a 15% discount on the Ooler system. CHILIPAD20 for 20% off the Chilipad system. (Check out the comparison chart on the site.)
And hey, there’s a 90-day money-back guarantee!

Rave from Julie:

I use this amazing CBD oil for inflammation specifically for my hands (too much typing and texting during the day!) and aches and pains in my knees after bodyweight workouts. This incredible handcrafted product from Vermont is the best CBD product I’ve ever tried. Cannot recommend Primal Botanical products enough – full spectrum, pure, hand-made organic butters, rubs, bath salts, and oil drops. (Oh and when I remember to use it on my neck before I go to bed, I’m always so glad I did, saves me from morning neck ache.) 


Primal Botanical

Hand-crafted CBD products created from Vermont-grown USDA certified organic hemp. Primal Botanical products are created without using C02 or solvents (as is common practice). Excellent for acute or systemic inflammation, these lab-tested products are handcrafted by a certified herbalist and registered nurse.

Use the code:


for 10% off your first order.