Julie Graham

At 53, I was 45+ pounds overweight, and pre-diabetic with severe inflammation. Back then, I didn’t really even know what severe inflammation meant, I just knew it had something to do with how stiff I felt all the time.

My doctor wanted me to lose weight and I kept trying new things, new diets, new exercise programs but I felt like midlife and menopause were winning.

As a longtime yo-yo dieter, I was at my heaviest. (Funny how that works – the more diets I went on, the more exercise classes I took, the heavier I eventually got.) I felt dumpy, depleted, and old.

Midlife metabolism and brain fog felt like something that no one could easily change.

My doctor didn’t tell me a thing about how my poor gut health, my midlife hormones, my lack of sleep, and my stress were working against me.

I felt like I had been trapped in marble, waiting for the sculptor’s chisel to free me. I imagined a life where I felt GREAT in my body, not just pulling it along after me like a hermit crab.

I kept quoting Bette Davis to myself,
“Old age ain’t no place for sissies.”

In my early 50s I was already thinking of myself as truly over and done.

.What I truly wanted was transformation.

I wanted to feel great in my body, free of brain fog and full of energy. I discovered a way to eat and rest and move to optimize my full body health, from my brain to my toes.

Surprisingly, the way of eating, resting, and moving was the exact opposite of what I’d learned from a lifetime of buying into the diet and fitness industry.

The result? Liberation from food cravings. An amazing feeling of lightness and ease. Brain clarity and better, deeper sleep (and TMI, healthy bowel movements). My relationship to food changed and I was not chasing hunger anymore. At all. And best of all, I had youthful energy again.

A few simple changes began to reset my gut and my metabolism and I began to work with a functional medicine practitioner to  balance my hormones. Life got better and better!  

The Old Me.

I was on 28 diets in 40 years.

I know I’m not alone here. Remember the Zone Diet? Remember Pritikin, The Grapefruit Diet, The Beverly Hills Diet, Goop-DeTox, Juice Cleanses, The Cabbage Soup Diet, The Fat Flush Diet, South Beach? Food Combining? What about Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig? Here’s one: remember The Bowl Diet? (I can write a whole blog post on that diet alone.) And so many more.

What happened when I threw all diets out the window and began fueling my body in the way it was meant to be fueled? What happened when I began to take my sleep seriously, and started to understand how my hormones worked and supported them optimally? What happened when I stopped exercising and started moving? 

What happened was that I found my ultimate, optimal health, which is my birthright. And optimal health is your birthright too.

True full-body health became effortless. My body found its natural weight. My brain fog cleared. My joints weren’t stiff anymore. My energy was back!

Imagine the next chapter of your transformed life looking like this:

  • You simply feel amazing!
    (The bloat is gone, you feel great in clothes, you bathroom runs are regular and normal!)
  • Your energy soars.
    (Your cravings are gone, you’re eating nutrient dense food, you make time each day to move.)
  • Your brain is super-charged.
    (You have mental clarity, you’re getting great sleep, you’re having fun with your partner again, and your focus is awesome)
  • You keep the weight off, effortlessly.
    (Even while traveling, even during holidays.)
  • Your bathroom breaks don’t take forever.
  • Your sleep is deep and restful.
  • You have the exact tools you need during stressful moments in your day.
  • You lose weight and keep it off for good.
    (Like really for good).

Interested in working together? Let’s talk.

With my signature program, Radical Renewal: Transformation Simplified, we will start at the beginning. We’ll unpack your health history from childhood to present, and begin to puzzle piece together from symptoms to intuition what your state of health is and how to begin to solve it together.

As a functional medicine practitioner I can also order lab work, but I first like to start with simple education about your body, your individual bio-chemistry, and lifestyle practices. With this simple start, we often resolve deeply routed metabolic health and hormonal health issues just by getting back to basics. If needed we can explore further testing to optimize your results.

Create a different relationship with your body and your mind. Live your life Radically Renewed!